Leden 2012


10. ledna 2012 v 15:34 | Elinai
Žijem, ale stále prerábame a neviem ako dlho ešte budeme. Báseň o daždi som sľubovala dlhšie, ale až teraz som ju dostala späť. Za opravu a úpravu ďakujem jednej úžasnej mačke :D

Drop. Drop. Drop.
Water is falling, i hope.
Because I like that sound.
When a drop splashes on the ground.

We are dancing in the rain,
from twilight to midnight,
from midnight to sunlight,
until there is no more pain.

Even if the rain is cold,
followed by a lightning bolt,
I like that feel,
when everything is again green.

Trees are green,
green and fresh,
another drop falls
and makes a splash.

With rain anything can grow.
Can it make a better tomorrow?
Water kills the pain and dark
and leave the world with love and luck.